DiCaprio To Convert to Judaism – Arab World gone crazy – Goliath ‘pan Arabism racism’ update

DiCaprio To Convert to Judaism – Arab World gone crazy – Goliath ‘pan Arabism racism’  update


 DiCaprio To Convert to Judaism To Marry Bar: Arab World Says To Hell With Him

  Israeli journalist, Guy Bechor, writes on the Israeli website gplanet (Hebrew language) that the Arab world is going crazy over reports that Leonardo DiCaprio is converting to Judaism in order to marry Sports Illustrated cover girl, Bar Rafieli, an Israeli.

The report appeared on Al-Arabiya website and, according to Bechor, is quite vicious. Apparently, Leo is a hero in the Arab world (everyone loved Titanic) but that the combination of his relationship with the Jewish beauty, and his conversion, should it happen) instantly transforms him to dirt in their eyes.

I thought the Arab world had changed? I thought that their objection is only to the occupation not to Israel itself, let alone the Jews.

But now Leo is being attacked the same way Elizabeth Taylor was when she became a Jew 45 years ago and was boycotted by the Arab world. I think she still is.

Anyway, if you know Arabic, read the 144 nasty contacts about Leo (and Bar) in Al Arabiya. It appears that they may hate us. They really do!

But who can hate Leo and Bar?




A new Islamic Fatwa: ‘Titanic is too Jewish for Arab Muslim bigots’?

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3 Responses to “DiCaprio To Convert to Judaism – Arab World gone crazy – Goliath ‘pan Arabism racism’ update”

  1. antiimams Says:

    Dear muslims

    If the Holy land is an islamic land , then why Allah never helped you in your ”Jihad” against Israel?

    You would find the answeer in our first article


    Permission to Israel To Fight The Muslims



    Maybe you would believe in your

    QUR2AN wich assert in Ala3raf verse 137 the following:

    ((And We let the people who were weak inherit the east of the land and the west of it which We have blessed in it. And the good word of your Lord was

    completed towards the Children of Israel for their patience; and We destroyed what Pharaoh and his people were doing, and what they contrived

  2. Jew With A View Says:

    I’m afraid that most of the Arab world remains as opposed to the existence of Israel as it was back in 1948.

    I’d also like to note that there is no ‘occupation’. Gaza has been under Palestinian control for the past five years – Israel left and as a result suffered years of increased suicide bombings and missile attacks from Hamas.

    As for the ‘west bank’ – this is not in fact ‘occupied’. Under international law, Israel would be entitled to settle in the whole of what was Palestine, and that includes the 82% taken up by Jordan. Now of course, Israel has no intention of doing so, but the fact remains that the tiny sliver of land that is today Israel, was already home to a Jewish majority when the UN voted for Partition.

    As you may also be aware, Islamic law states that ANY land that has EVER been under Islamic rule, even if for a mere ten minutes, is by right forever part of the House Of Islam – and must be reclaimed by force if necessary. Hence the claims of Hamas and Islamic Jihad TO Israel.

    It is not about land; it is about religion. Hamas and also the Palestinian Authority openly teach children as young as four that it is their ‘religious duty to fight the jews’.

    And remember also that Arab terrorism towards Jews pre dates the re-establishment of Israel by many decades.

  3. Samir S. Halabi Says:

    This only goes to show how illinformed ‘Obama’ is on jewish issues.
    The arab muslims hate jews and always will. For israel to surrender jerusalem to the arabs as Obama insists, is not only foolhardy but insane.
    When Jordan ruled east jerusalem from 1948-1967 why didn’t the former arabs of The British mandate of palestine claim it as their eternal capital? answer they weren’t interested in it, only after the 1967 war and the liberation of East jerusalem from the Jordanians did they show any modicum of interest. it just goes to show that the arab muslims are intrinsically anti-jewish and will always remain so, even if israel gives all the territory up from the 1967 war. As far as the muslims are concerned the jews have a special place in the islamic world as a ‘Dhimmi’ class. Therefore thugs like Youssoufuf Fofana & his barbarians tortured to death Ilan Halimi thinking that he had the full backing of the whole muslim world behind him, as killing jews is an acceptable accomplishment for Islam.

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