[1983 article:] ‘Palestine’s Lies and Facts’

1983 article: ‘Palestine’s Lies and Facts’

But a lie is still a lie.

Lie No. 1: The Palestinians were a sovereign people and nation until they were “expelled” in 1948.

Facts: The area known as Palestine was a province of the Ottoman Empire from the 16th Century until the British took control in 1917. From 1917 until 1948, the area was under British operational control and, later, mandate.

There was never a Palestinian nation.

Further, the population of the entire area, according to a 1879 Encyclopedia Britannica, was never substantial and was ethnically diverse. Any inhabitants there were concentrated in two cities, Jerusalem and Jaffa, and in the nomadic Bedouin tribes.

There was also a constant Jewish community. From the time of the first census in 1844 to the present, there have always been more Jews in Jerusalem than Moslems. Large-scale Jewish immigration during the Ottoman period made the Jewish community. From the time of the first census in 1844 to the present, there have always been more Jews in Jerusalem than Moslems. Large scale Jewish immigration during the Ottoman period made the Jewish community a significant presence.

It was only after the Jewish settlers bought land and made the area economically productive that the Arabs returned in significant numbers. Between the World Wars, the Arab population in predominantly Arab towns rose only insignificantly, e.g. 16,000 to 23,000 in Nablus. The population trends in the three major Jewish cities show a different story. The Arab population increased in Jerusalem by 97 percent, from 28,500 to 56,400, in Jaffa by 134 percent, from 27,400 to 62,600 and in Haifa by 216 percent, from 18,400 to 58,200.

The massive Arab immigration into Palestine during the Mandate period accounts for roughly 75 percent of the supposedly “Palestinian” population present at the time of the partition in 1948.

Lie No 2: Israel occupies historical Palestine.

Facts: Israel only covers roughly 25 percent of what used to be the province of Palestine. In 1922, the British government violated its League of Nations Mandate over Palestine by partitioning the territory into a truncated Palestine and a nebulous entity called “Transjordan.”

In 1947, the United Nations voted to form two states out of what was left of Palestine, and the Jewish leadership pledged to abide by the borders. The Arab world refused and invaded.

As the world knows, Israel won its war and the ensuing armistice lines resulted in Israeli sovereignty over 20 percent of the land within the 1917 borders of Palestine. The remainder, the so-called West Bank, was grabbed by the Bedouin King Abdullah. For 19 years, he and his successor and grandson, Hussein, controlled the territory; at any time during that period either could have returned this so-called birthright to the Palestinians. They did not, and since none of the other Arab countries would grant full refuge to the refugees, they were dumped into policed camps.

Meanwhile, Jordan (the name was changed In 1950 is more than 75 percent Palestinian in population. Palestinians are prospering in that nation-in-an area comprising most of historical Palestine.

Lie No. 3: The PLO is a freedom-seeking, democratic organization.

Fact: Anyone who witnessed the tragedy of Lebanon from 1975 through last summer’s invasion by Israeli forces saw the true face of the PLO. At best, it is a shadow organization in chaos.

The Lebanese gave refuge to the Palestinians and the PLO, and in “gratitude,” the PLO established a state within Lebanon, mocking its sovereignty, murdering its citizens and slashing its social fabric.

The Lebanese have suffered enough from PLO democracy and freedom. They consider themselves somewhat lucky-a few more years of PLO freedom and guarantees and Lebanon might not have survived.

An American wit once said, “Trust everyone, but cut the cards yourself.” Through all of the lies, the truth is coming out, and right will triumph.

By Sister Margaret Ellen Traxler:- is director of the Institute of Women Today and founder and a member of the board of the National Coalition of American Nuns, both based in Chicago.

Palestine’s Lies And Facts – Radio Bergen

Palestine’s lies and factsChicago Tribune (1963-Current file) – Chicago, Ill.
Author: Sister Margaret Ellen Traxler
Date: Jul 8, 1983
Start Page: 17
Pages: 1
Text Word Count: 816


Greensboro News & Record: JEWS DIDN’T DISPLACE ARABS‎
Date: November 8, 1991
Page A12


Column: Letters to the Editor The ”Palestinian hoax” is obvious in the Oct. 30 story in the News & Record. James Weiner states that “Palestinians have been without a homeland since Israel became a state in 1948.” This is the big-lie technique. The displaced Arabs who lay claim to Israeli lands took a new name in the 1960s. This was a great victory for the Arabs. By one word, Palestinian, a geographic description became a proper noun…
Early Jewish settlers brought development, which created massive Arab immigration. Jews did not displace Arabs. Consult your British and Turkish histories.

Letters to The Times; Costs of Production Computing Them…‎ Situation in Palestine Position of the Revisionists and the Zionists Explained

New York Times – Aug 1, 1938

Palestine’s “grave problem” arose from an overwhelming Arab immigration in 1936 and earlier, when three or four times as many Arabs as Jews were permitted to enter the country… ISADORE SOLKOFF


Harold H. Hart, “Yom Kippur plus 100 days: the human side of the war and its aftermath, as shown through the columns of the Jerusalem post,” p. 273, Hart Pub. Co., 1974, 446 pp.

Who Are The Palestinians […]

They also wondered why these so-called Palestinians were refugees. My former colleagues, all of whom were British officers in the Palestine Police, tell me they have documentary proof that the “Palestinians” are not and never were “Palestinians.” They were and are illegal migrants into the Land of Israel from all the surrounding Arab countries, and they Came searching for work and food from the Jewish settlers, because in their own Arab countries, they were homeless, jobless and on the verge of starvation.


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