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RACIST Arab League “condemns” Gingrich’s remarks on “Palestinians”?

December 23, 2011

RACIST Arab League “condemns” Gingrich’s remarks on “Palestinians”?

From the BBC | Dec. 12 2011

Arab League condemns Gingrich’s remarks on Palestinians
Mr Gingrich has defended his claim that the Palestinians are an “invented” people…
The Arab League has condemned the Republican US presidential contender, Newt Gingrich, for calling Palestinians an “invented” people and “terrorists”.
Mohammed Sobeih, who handles Palestinian affairs for the regional organisation, said the claims were racist…

Newt is right of course, the so-calle “Palestinians” are by in large newcomers who invaded the historic land of the Jews.


Main victims: non-Arabs; Copts*, Africans* [it is even branded as a ‘KKK’*], Kurds*, Berbers* (Amazigh), Jews*, and –ironically enough– even “Palestinian” Arabs*.

Sudan democratic gazette: a newsletter for democratic pluralism: Issues 44-55 – 1994 – Pages 50, 120
Egyptian diplomacy moved in March to mislead the Arab world on Southern Sudan by pressing the Arab League to pass a resolution opposing the right to Self- determination of the people of Southern and the Nuba mountains. This is the first time that the Arab League has adopted a racist stance on what has previously been considered to be an internal Sudanese matter. As such, it marks the internationalisation of the conflict. The resolution was so racist… The resolution incites the Arab world to join Khartoum in its racial and religious war against the South. Egypt now appears prepared to commit its own resources to the war in Sudan… The Arab states are also members of the overtly racist Arab League of Nations which passed a resolution in March condemning any moves towards granting Self- determination for Southern Sudan…

Arab League SG a “racist” says Darfur JEM, demands public apology … March 15, 2011 (WASHINGTON) – The Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) today directed fierce criticism at the Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa over remarks he made last week in which he downplayed the gravity of the Darfur conflict compared to the evolving crisis in Libya.

The United Nations says that more than 300,000 people were killed and 2.7 million displaced in the eight-year conflict in Sudan’s Western region. Khartoum counters these figures saying no more than 10,000 perished.

“Darfur is no Libya. Darfur since years back the restive situation was a result of foreign interferences and exaggerations in evaluating the situation in Darfur. But we succeeded in recent years in putting the Darfur process on the negotiation table and now there are talks under the [auspices of the] United Nations and the African Union and the Arab League [hosted] by Qatar and there is progress, ” Moussa said in response to a question posed by a journalist on why the Arab League moved swiftly to ask the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to impose a No-Fly Zone over Libya to protect civilians and not in Darfur.,38296

Somalia: Racism at the Arab League
Somalia was a member of the Arab League since 1974, the same year Palestinian PLO joined the League. Somalia is devastated by civil war since 1990’s and continues to hemorrhage. More than 750,000 Somalis lost their lives and more than 3.3 millions are homeless. The organization’s 21 Arab nations with the exception of Djibouti have failed to attempt a single reconciliation effort..

Moroccan Berbers Call for Independent Berber State, Say Arab League is “Racist”

In an interview with the liberal Berber website “Tamazgha,” Mustapha Berhouchi, president of the TADA umbrella group of Moroccan Berber organizations, said that the Berbers need a state of their own: “In a world where a fanatical Islam is looking to acquire nuclear capabilities, and faced with Europe’s hypocritical attitude, the Imazighen (i.e. Berbers), if they want to continue to exist as a people, have no choice but to acquire a state.”

In a separate statement, the CNCCOT, a Moroccan organization demanding official status for the Berber language in Morocco, called for a new secular and democratic constitution, guarantees of freedom of expression, and an end to Morocco’s membership in the Arab League: “The Moroccan authorities’ membership in illusory, phantom organizations like the Arab League is nothing but a waste of time and money… We demand that Morocco withdraw from the Arab League and from all the racist organizations of which it is a member.”

Kurdistani intellectuals must unite now – lest history should repeat itself as a tragic farce! – Part I – By Dr Kamal Mirawdeli 24/09/2003 00:00:00 Part I
Kurdistan and the Arab League…
The main reason that led to 11 September 1961 Kurdish revolt against the Iraqi state was that the Iraqi constitution in its second clause stated, “Iraq is a part of the Arab nation.” Accordingly Iraqi Arab state was keen to erase all traces of Kurdish nationalism and Kurdish identity. Iraq’s membership of the Arab League was and is an embodiment of this racist Arabism.

So what was the first achievement of Iraqi “Kurdish” foreign minister?

Did he, logically in the spirit of new democracy and openness, insist that Iraq is the country of Arabs and Kurds and cannot be a member of the Arab League unless the league changes its racist organisation and identity to allow the recognition not only of the Kurdish nation in Iraq and Syria but also of many other nations in Arab nation-states such as Amazighi nation, people of South Sudan, Druzes and Copts? The Arab League as a useless ideological racist Arabist institution has existed only to promote Arabism and Arab racism against colonised non-Arab nations. This league has a criminal record in supporting Iraqi Ba’thists’ genocide against our nation in Southern Kurdistan and supporting Syrian Ba’thists’ racist Arabising policies in Western Kurdistan.

Arab League and KKK are Two Faces for One Coin
By Elhadi Adam Elomda
Date: March 23, 2005

The KKK (Ku Klux Klan) is equivalent to the Arab League. This is because of the similarity and agreement of these two terrorist organizations’ goals. The KKK was founded to promote the white man’s superiority in the United States of America. It looks for the dominance of white men within political, economical, and cultural aspects in the USA. The KKK started to achieve its goals by strengthening the relations among the white men in the USA. However, the KKK used discriminative means against the minority black people in the USA in order to achieve its prospective goals. As a result, the back people and disheartened white people revolted against the KKK. Therefore, the KKK was disbanded in the 1940s although it changed its goals of hating the black people into love of white people. By the time the KKK was disbanded in the USA as a terrorist organization, another KKK was born.

This new KKK was born in a different area and has a dissimilar name from the former KKK. Yet, this new born KKK has similar goals to the former one. The newly formed KKK is named the Arab League. The Arab League was established in order to strengthen the political, economical, and cultural relations between its members. The league membership constituted of any independent Arab countries from any continent. Charter I states that “Any independent Arab state has the right to become a member of the League.”

The blessed human race: essays on reconsideration – Page 39 – George Jochnowitz – University Press of America, 2007 – 123 pages (ISBN 0761837337, 9780761837336)
Despite Israel’s lack of importance and despite the weakness of the moral charges against it, Israel is an outcast. Israeli nationalism — Zionism — has been declared racism. The Arab League enforces secondary and tertiary boycotts against Israel. Jews may not enter Saudi Arabia, except for American soldiers. Malaysia forbids the performance of “Jewish” music. This endless policy of boycott and non-recognition is officially the policy of most Arab states. Countries like Libya, Iraq or Saudi Arabia have never suggested that they would make peace if Israel did X or Y or Z. Their opposition to Israel, supported by leftists everywhere in the world, is one of permanent enmity. Since such a stance excludes the possibility of peace, it is implicitly genocidal and therefore radically evil.

Federation Blog
May 12, 2010 … The modern DFI movement began in earnest 2002 during the Second Intifada. It began with all intents and purposes at Harvard and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) with a high profile petition on these campus to divest from Israel. The DFI movement has its roots in the original Arab-League Boycott of Israel. This antecedent movement is unabashedly anti-semitic and racist, having started with a de facto boycott as early as 1922 against Jewish interests, not Israeli interests, 26 years prior to the establishment of the State of Israel. The Arab League Council formally instated a boycott on December 2, 1945: “Jewish products and manufactured goods shall be considered undesirable to the Arab countries”. That, might I remind you, is a little less than 3 years before the establishment of the State of Israel and 22 years before the “occupation” began following the 6-Day War in 1967.
The Arab-League Boycott and the modern DFI are not one in the same; however, they share the same ideological roots of racism and anti-Semitism towards anyone from Israel. During the initial years of the Arab-League Boycott, all products, whether made by Jew or Arab were boycotted…

Racism risk in calls for Israeli boycott | The Australian Sep 19, 2009 … Calls to boycott Israel are nothing new. The Arab League has boycotted Israel since its creation in 1948. The most recent international campaign for an academic boycott of Israel started in April 2002 following the Israeli invasion of Palestinian West Bank cities in response to the mass suicide bombing attacks on Israeli civilians in the previous month.
… It is incongruous that many of the boycott proponents are of Jewish extraction. None of these figures seems to have considered that a boycott together with their inflammatory rhetoric (and fundamentalist anti-Zionism more generally) might provoke racist discrimination against Jews…

The Palestinian lobby is heralding this as a success for their strategy of Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions, itself an extension of a racist Arab League boycott campaign against Jews that goes back (formally) to 1945 – years before the establishment of the Jewish State of Israel.

The Story of Arab Apartheid
Posted by Ben-Dror Yemini Bio ↓ on Jun 3rd, 2011
[…] In 1959, the Arab League passed Resolution 1457, which states as follows: “The Arab countries will not grant citizenship to applicants of Palestinian origin in order to prevent their assimilation into the host countries.” That is a stunning resolution, which was diametrically opposed to international norms in everything pertaining to refugees in those years, particularly in that decade. The story began, of course, in 1948, when the Palestinian “nakba” occurred. It was also the beginning of the controversy of the Arab-Israeli conflict, with the blame heaped on Israel, because it allegedly expelled Palestinian refugees, turning them into miserable wretches. This lie went public through academe and the media dealing with the issue.
The Arab Apartheid By Ben Dror Yemini – Maariv [Hebrew]
(translated from Hebrew) May 14, 2011

East Africa: Kenya and Sudan Headed for Showdown As Deadline Looms Breaking News [..] Adulis says: December 13, 2011 at 7:09 am

Omar al Bashir has killed more than half a million moslems in Darfur and he should be brought to court. It is shame that the Arab world were all going after Gadafi of Libya and now after the Syrian leaders for killing few hundreds of Arabs but the coward and racist Arab world was arming Omar al Beshir while the Sudanese Arabs were burning, raping and pillaging Darfur.

The Arabs only care about “real” Arabs that look like the Syrians and the northern Libyans, they do not care about the people they call “negro slaves” or Abid who look like Turabi, Osman Taha, Numieri or any other black person. How did the racist Arab League react to events in Libya or Darfur or even to the Eritrean victims in the Sinai desert under the hands of the Arab doctors and the Arab Bedouins?

>Islamic Egypt goes fascist on stereoids

December 5, 2011

Islamic Egypt goes fascist on stereoids

The MSM hasn’t woken up, yet, to the harsh ‘Infidels winter’ reality of the “arab spring.” That When average Muslim “activists” speak: “freedom” and “dempcracy” It’s hardly what we cherish here in the West. Islamism [AKA ‘anti-human-rights’ totalitarian Islam and its intolerance to ‘others’] is the exact opposite of liberty, of course. The largest enemy of freedom and democracy, is rather political Islam, per se.


Daniel Greenfield

Beware Egyptian fascism‎ Ynetnews – Nov 23, 2011 Op-ed: Radical Muslim takeover would make Egypt Islamic fascism’s regional power base Published: 11.23.11 […] Radicals fear elections The military junta set a date for multi-party elections for parliament, and later for the presidency, and intends to deliver on its promises. The first phase is slated to begin in about a week. This is a critical national test. The leaders of the radical religious-political movements fear the experiment known as democratic elections. They are interested in absolute control, without elections. They are the loyal fans and representatives of political Islamic fascism.,7340,L-4152152,00.html

A genuine Egyptian liberal – and a very lonely voice‎ Jerusalem Post – 11/29/2011 For Amr Bargisi, the country’s self-styled liberals are not worthy of the name. Amr Bargisi is the kind of Egyptian whom Washington and Jerusalem can love. Fiercely intelligent, articulate and committed to his country’s well-being, he is also the increasingly rare Egyptian who harbors no ill-will toward America, Israel or the West writ large. All he needs is someone who will listen – and deposit a few Egyptian pounds in his organization’s bank account… They noted that the newspaper run by Al-Wafd, Egypt’s oldest self-described liberal party, routinely runs columns dripping with traditional anti- Semitic motifs. In 2009, its columnist – now the party’s vice chairman – Ahmed Ezz al- Arab chided US President Barack Obama for depicting the Holocaust as a historical event in his Cairo address to the Muslim world.

The same year, a column by Sekina Fouad – vice president of the putatively liberal, secular Democratic Front Party – approvingly cited forged remarks attributed to Benjamin Franklin that described Jews as “locusts, never to get on a green land without leaving it deserted and barren.”

Even Al-Masry Al-Youm, which Bargisi and Tadros describe as “Egypt’s largest independent newspaper and widely regarded as the country’s only serious tribune for Liberalism, ran a column… Anti-Semitism, the coauthors wrote, is a relatively recent arrival to Egyptian cultural life.

“Until Egypt’s Jews were expelled by Gamal Abdel Nasser in the 1950s and ’60s, Egypt had a millennia-old, thriving Jewish community. As late as the 1930s, Jewish politicians occupied ministerial posts in Egyptian governments and participated in nationalist politics,” they wrote. “But all that changed with the rise of totalitarian and fascist movements in Europe, which found more than their share of imitators in the Arab world. When Egypt’s monarchy was overthrown in 1952 by a military coup, anti- Semitism became an ideological pillar of the new totalitarian dispensation.

“Anti-Semitism remains the glue holding Egypt’s disparate political forces together. This is especially true of the so-called liberals, who think they can traffic on their anti-Semitism to gain favor in quarters where they would otherwise be suspect.”

The op-eds were published before Mubarak’s fall, but regrettably little has changed since. Last month, Tawfiq Okasha – a presidential candidate for the avowedly secular, liberal Democratic Peace Party – assured a television audience that “only” 60 percent of Jews are evil. A clip of the remarks was distributed by the mediamonitoring organization MEMRI.

A smattering of small, new Egyptian parties do claim to uphold the same liberal values Bargisi cherishes – in particular, the Free Egyptians Party of telecom tycoon Naguib Sawiris and the Egyptian Social Democratic Party led by the physician and activist Mohamed Abou El-Ghar. Some independents, like the TV personality and activist Bothaina Kamel – a Muslim woman who pushes for equal rights for Coptic Christians – have also garnered attention in Western media.

Their support, however, is minuscule and in any case, Bargisi dismisses them as uncommitted to some of the most fundamental of liberal ideals.

Bargisi says there is no escaping the fact that Islamists are poised to emerge on top in the current elections – by his estimate, they will win at least half of all votes cast.

“Our only hope is to sober up and realize the Islamists are going to win anyway, that they’re going to be in the seat of power and we need to be able to confront them on every single issue and to rally public support as much as we can,” he said.

A committed democrat, Bargisi has little love for the authoritarian nature of the Mubarak government. Still, he says, Egypt was reforming economically in the final years of the ousted president’s rule, even if political reforms were slow in coming.

With Mubarak now gone, however, any thought of what might have been is water under the bridge. What Egypt needs now, Bargisi says, is to nurture a political culture that upholds classical liberal values like rule of law, a dynamic civil society, private enterprise and limited government. Ultimately he hopes to see representative, democratic rule carry the day in Egypt, but says elections should be the last step in that process – not the first.

Bargisi is deeply worried about the direction his country is headed, but he refuses to despair…

Nervous Christians vote with an eye to the future ‎Gulf Times – 29/11/2011 […] While some worry about the Islamist parties’ attitude to women’s rights, others in the minority group of 8mn Coptic Christians are concerned about Egypt becoming an Islamic state. The community, the Middle East’s biggest Christian population, already complain of systematic discrimination and they are the target of sectarian attacks. There were clashes in May in Cairo, leading to the post-revolution military leaders to warn they would deal with sectarian strife with an “iron hand.” Residents of Sidi Beshr have known far worse. On New Year’s Eve last year, a suicide bomber blew himself up outside the Two Saints Church as it held mass, killing more than 20.

arab spring
Young Free Egyptians challenge entrenched Muslim Brotherhood
patrick martin
CAIRO— From Wednesday's Globe and Mail
Published Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2011 8:32PM EST
Last updated Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2011 9:25PM EST
…says Essam El-Erian, deputy chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party and a long-time member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s executive committee. “They accuse us of being fascists,” he said, bitterly…

In-Depth: As Islamists surge, Egypt`s Christians hold their breath‎ [Dec. 04, 2011] Zee News
[…] But, with the fall of the dictator and the first largely free and fair elections witnessing a not-so-spectacular performance by the secular parties, the Christian community is holding its breath.
The Islamist surge, though, expected, has still left the Coptic community reeling, and opinion is divided on how to react — whether to stay and fight for equal rights, or leave, Al Ahram daily said in a report.

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