Double-standard over racism: 100% racist Arab-Muslim [Merah] Vs. doubtful “racist” White-Hispanic [Zimmerman]

Media bias is screaming, shouting out loud and we are all silent.

Mohammed Merah and George Zimmerman: A tale of two gunmen.

The Daily Caller, March 26, 2012

Media Pretty Sure of George "White Hispanic" Zimmerman’s Racist Motive, But Not Quite Sure What Might Have Motivated Mohammad Merah…

Ace of Spades HQ, Mar 23, 2012


Reminder, the MSM was quick to point out that the targeting of little Jewish kids in Europe was racist and even Nazi, but as soon it revealed it was an Arab Muslim, most changed tune [despite the clear racism of the crimes, described as ‘Nazi-like crimes’ even in al-Arabiya, besides, that he acted as a member of Forsane Alizza, banned for ‘racial hatred‘].

What happened? Are Arabs less racist than others?

Is it that great taboo of ‘Arab racism’ again?

Who’s massacred 2.5 Million African indigenous in the Sudan if not Islamic Arab Racism?

What if not racism motivated the Islamic-Arab butcher Saddam Hussein to commit genocide on the Kurds, as others have put it racist Arabism?

Who has founded the conflict in the 1920s’ if not the infamous Mufti that combined ethnic racism with Islamic religious bigotry (dubbed already in 1938 ‘Hitler of the Near East), and called to kill Jews for Allah?

Not to mention the long list of minorities persecuted under the vicious Arabist boot, such as: Berbers, Copts, Blacks, al-Akhdam, etc.

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