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Al Qaeda & Child Porn

October 19, 2008

Al-Qaeda and child porn

Yet another example of how the ends (Islamic hegemony) justify the means (depravity, debauchery, and, in general, disgusting activities). More on this story.

“Al-Qaeda’s paedo files,” by Brian Flynn for the Sun, October 18:

TWISTED al-Qaeda terrorists are transmitting secret messages inside hardcore child porn images on the internet, police chiefs believe.

Scotland Yard fear the Islamic fundamentalists are embedding coded material in depraved pictures of children and using paedophile websites as a secure way of exchanging information.

One key case was that of so-called “Whitechapel Rapist” Abdul Makim Khalisadar — a former mujahidin fighter jailed for ten years in March.

Although never convicted of any terror charges, the 26-year-old first fell under scrutiny due to his links to a militant later caged for terrorism.

When police investigated, they found child porn on his computer, while DNA taken after his arrest linked him to the rape of a 27-year-old attacked in her home.

In another anti-terror swoop, officers discovered 40,000 vile images on their target’s computer.

MI5 officers are already aware of the bizarre link and are pushing for research to help them understand the mindset of terrorists.

One security services source said: “It’s surprising as terrorists are at the extreme end of Islamic beliefs where you’d expect them to be vehemently opposed to child pornography.

“They may simply be taking advantage of the technological expertise used in transmitting paedophile material for their own ends. Or they may be getting sexual gratification.” Terrorists are thought to be exploiting techniques built up by paedophiles and organised gangs to store, encrypt and transmit information securely over the web.

These include steganography — concealing digital information within computer files including photographs and word documents. The recipient can use special applications to reverse the process and access the hidden files.

Experts warn that advances in encryption techniques are now outpacing the ability of police and the security services to crack them and monitor their use.

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