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Nazis aid “Palestinians” (re thanking CBS60min. falsification on suffering of Christians under Palestinian Islamic apartheid

May 16, 2012

The following is a comment by a blogger on a blog. See his language, know now who are the ones ‘thanking’ CBS60min.’ on behalf of “palestinians,” they even utter to use God, Jesus…

The subject is, that infamous denounced by so many CBS prog. Which refused to interview the  victims, those real Christians that fear to speak out against Islamic apartheid oppressing them, for threats of retaliation, but instead preferred to speak to propagandists who are mouthpieces for Palestinian Islamic authority to bash Israel.

ANOTHER NAIL IN JUDEO-COMMUNISM’S COFFIN, THANK YOU JESUS/GOD: On April 22, Bob Simon and the US news show “60 Minutes” shared the painful truth with 13 million viewers — the primary cause for the exodus of Palestinian Christians from the Holy Land is the nearly 45 year-old illegal Israeli occupation. Now “60 Minutes” is being attacked for telling the truth. A range of Israel-first partisan groups have gone on the attack against CBS, and they have received over 29,000 emails of complaint. If “60 Minutes” backs down, then other media outlets will do the same. Sign the petition below to be sure that CBS hears from supporters for its brave and truthful reporting. We have almost 39,000 signatures already. 


End of quote

He’s a long weird “list” of anti Jewish (old/new) lies on his silly little infantile Facebook page.