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Teacher of racist Arab Helen Thomas? – Contradictions of anti-Semies – Khazar type crap… before Khazar crap was evolved… and many years before DNA proved Khazaria was crap

February 23, 2012

Moyne Taught Arabs Racism, Says Prof. Yehuda
Canadian Jewish Chronicle – Feb 2, 1945

NEW YORK, (JPS) – Charges that the late Lord Moyne, British Resident Minister in the Middle

East, employed Nazi racial theories to arouse Arab opposition to Jewish immigration into Palestine, are endorsed by Professor A. S. Yehuda of the New School for Social Research, in a letter to the New York Herald Tribune. The charges were first implied by Eliahu Hakim and Ephraim Ben Zuri, slayers of Lord Moyne, during their trial in Cairo.

Declaring that as Colonial Sec retary in 1942 Lord Moyne told the House of Lords that “to the Arabs the Jews are not only alien in culture but in blood,” Professor Yahuda writes: this attitude is typical of the tactics of all antiSemites who based their anti- Jewish campaigns on the view that Jews were Semites and hence had no claims to equal rights with European people. The Jews were constantly told: ‘Go to Palestine, whence you came and then join the Arabs to whom you belong as Semites.’ This the Jews were told so long as

Palestine was closed to them; but now that fifty-two nations have pledged to open Palestine

to them, the Arabs are told that the Jews are not Semites but mixed with Armenians and Slavs and that they cannot be expected to be favored by the Arabs as Kinsmen.,3267399