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[Arab] Bus driver to Ethiopian: Drink milk and you’ll be white

April 5, 2009

[Arab] Bus driver to Ethiopian: Drink milk and you’ll be white
Racist remark costs Jerusalem driver his job. Egged bus company spokesman: We denounce such disgraceful behavior, which puts all of our professional drivers to shame
Yifat Reuven (Feb. 2009)
A bus driver of Arab descent was fired this week after making a racist remark at an Ethiopian security guard at the entrance to the Hebrew University’s Mount Scopus campus.
“Perhaps you should drink milk and be white like me,” the driver told the guard, who later filed a complaint with the Egged bus company.,2506,L-3673580,00.html

Egged Fires Arab Bus Driver Over Racist Comment. February 18, 2009. eged.jpg Egged has fired an Arab bus driver after he told a member of the Ethiopian community “drink milk and you can be white like me”. .